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What types of services do we offer?

Thanks to our experience and constant improvement of services, we successfully help to solve the tasks that face our clients and partners.


Project management

Our advantage in implementation of the projects is the use of full range of the best international and national tools and practices.

Event management

We have experience of arranging wide range of the business events starting from business mission and ending with "Oscar-type" ceremonies.

Training programmes

For training we combine the best Western technologies and Russian experience. With ready-made training programmes, we can also develop a special training program on your request.


Marketing services

Our specialists in market research is ideally prepared to meet the needs of organizations and companies interested in expanding existing and conquering new markets.


Business planning

Proper planning is the key to the success of any business.

Partner search

Reliable business partners is the key for successful business. With the help of our special programmes and events, entrepreneurs have a unique chance to explore new opportunities.

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What are our target groups?

Since 1995, acting behalf our clients and partners, we have implemented more than 500 projects for the following target groups:


Start-ups and small businesses


Medium and large businesses


Institutional clients, government agencies and donor organizations


Youth and students


People with disabilities


Other groups of clients

Project approach

We have experience in implementing projects of various size and complexity. When implementing projects, we use different models. Here's one of them.

Needs and problems analysis

Development and approval of the project solution

Project implementation

Evaluation of the project implementation